[Front View] 2 pastel pink mugs with curved handle in the same color. Each Mug having one character facing towards eachother. Left mug has Aladdin, and the right having Jasmine. Both Characters are in full color, with a white outline. Both Characters are 3D and pop outwards of the mug slightly. There is a black heart outline behind the heads of each character.
[Back View] Both mugs have written in the center, in black, "a kiss takes care of anything." in script, with a small dark blue silhouette of the genie's lamp.
[Bottom View] Bottom of each mug is white with a darker blue silhouette of Aladdin and Jasmine on his magic carpet in the center.
[Packaging] Light pink box featuring the Mug Design.
Jasmine and Aladdin Couples Mugs
Bright Suns Co

Jasmine and Aladdin Couples Mugs

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A whole new world... to explore with these mugs! 

A kiss takes care of anything ✨

8 x 9 cm
Can hold approximately 300 mL

Use them for wedding or engagement photos, to hold things in, or just to drink coffee every morning! Show off your love for each other with these couples mugs.

Although pictures are taken as close to true colors as possible, please be aware that different screens may show slight variations in color. 

Bright Suns is not responsible for any damage done in transit.

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