Blind Bag Mystery Seconds Pins!
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Blind Bag Mystery Seconds Pins!

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Heat-sealed mystery pins! I'm not really sure what I'll be sending you, but the different colors are for different genres of pins - I try to make sure you don't get duplicates but no promises!

☼ Blue: Disney. This includes the parks and anything else that is considered Disney!
☼ Red: Marvel
☼ Yellow: HP/the boy who lived. Please leave what house you're in!
☼ Green/Black: Other. This can be anything from X Files, Beetlejuice, Hamilton.          Basically anything that doesn't fall into the other categories

Going through pin inventory, I finally counted all by B and C-grade pins and am offering them at a lower price! I don't feel comfortable selling these pins as they have defects. That means, you get to have them for a much lower price and you don't have to feel guilty about pinning them on a backpack! Every purchase will come with a set of post cards, orders over $20 will get a free mystery pin.

Although pictures are taken as close to true colors as possible, please be aware that different screens may show slight variations in color.

Bright Suns is not responsible for any damage done in transit.

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