Good Riddance Sale Mystery Box
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Good Riddance Sale Mystery Box

Regular price $25.00 Sale price $100.00

Over the years I've amassed TONS of stuff. Between things I've made and stuff I've imported I have hundreds of items that would take me forever to photograph, list, and then promote to people. 

Now YOU get a huge advantage because I want to get rid of as much as I can and am giving you a steeeep discount on these items! You can get anything I've EVER had so this can be anything from drawstring bags to pens to pins to imported cups/bags. The sky is the limit here and anything that I considered selling/have sold is on the table. 

For $50 you get >$100 worth of stuff (retail value) 
Or for the best bundle, $100 gets you >$250 worth of stuff (retail value)

If there's something you ABSOLUTELY do not want to receive, please feel free to leave a note to seller! Like if you ONLY want to receive Disney themed things and nothing else, feel free to leave that too! I have things like DC, Animal Crossing, HP, and more in this bin of stuff haha.

This is really gonna help me out and allow me to bring in cool new designs!!!

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